Our Mission

To design, produce and market, respecting the environment, products capable of improving the quality of life of the family,
from newborn to the elderly, and thereby increasing the value of SILC, of ​​the people who work there, of the commercial partners and industrial, of the social context in which it operates.

Since 1972 we have been producing disposable absorbent aids

Until the beginning of the 90s, the company basically assumed the role of pure producer on behalf of the most important companies both in Italy and in Europe. This experience has allowed SILC to grow and accumulate significant experience, especially in the technical field (i.e. in the design, development and production of products).
In the mid-90s, the company decided to structure itself, from a commercial point of view, to face the market on its own. The Trade and Institutional divisions are flanked alongside the Export division. From the Institutional division, in 2000, the current Hospital and Pharmacy divisions were born.

In 2001 the latter will define a license agreement with Sara Lee Household and Bodycare Italia SpA for the exploitation of the Fissan Baby brand in the production and marketing of baby diapers in the pharmacy and hospital channels.
The experience with Fissan Baby ended in 2008 after seven years of fruitful collaboration and brilliant commercial results. Since 2009, the Pharmacy Division presents itself, in the context of babycare, with the new license agreements stipulated with Sodalco (Fresh & Clean children) and Trudi.
Since 2012 the licensing activity focuses exclusively on the Trudi brand.